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Intelligence in (Cyber) Information Warfare

Introductory picture {Picture 0} above shows grouped website scan of Government of the Country.
Various websites, linked to each other as every department is linked to one big picture, right?
Stay tuned!

In study below I have crawled  top 10 of  websites, in the Country known as suspect from close cooperation to certain foreign political interests.
The purpose of their existence is to spread disinformation and manipulate opinion of public.

It is more than 600 thousands of links, yet they are connected to the several red dots in the center.
The red dots do not represent any individuals, only another internet Entity, not disclosed on purpose.

{Picture 1: Scan of manipulative website reveals that they are actually handled by one Entity.}

By the meaning of same propaganda as showed in this study, you can influence the democracy itself.
Needless to say, that thanks to catchy phrases, these websites are quite widely cited on social networks, too.

Please, think about the context of any information you get, have your own opinion and be ready to defend it or change it, if necessary.
Attempts are made to exploit our laziness on behalf of curiosity.

Below is example of semantic separation of two different political (website) parties. As they are not lead by the same Entity, they are separated.
The lonely nodes are just signs that websites are poor quality and a bit broken. This might give some space to the hacktivists.

{Picture 2: This scan shows, how website of parties from opposite sides of political spectra are separated, as expected. It is red vs white.}

As effect of this hoaxes, fake news and propaganda issued by the Entity, the possible centers of so called radicalization of citizens already occurred.
Example below shows the best organised structure, which has its “cells” all around the Country.
So far it is harmless but in future these individuals may be liable for future manipulation.

{Picture 3: Website of self inflicted homeland security group, residing in all districts of the Country.}

Goal of this study is to show examples, how exploratory data analysis and visualization can help with non IT – related topic as well.
In this particular case, this is regularly being analysed by any Country’ s Intelligence agency, which is obligated to report the issues to the Prime minister / Government.

I do not mean to trigger discussion as a conspirator. Thus I have not disclosed which Country this is about, or which website were scanned. Also, I call the shadow eminence just “The Entity” on purpose to avoid political discussion or further speculations.

And because I just like the pics, there is the rest:
(It came up during the analysis. Has the same meaning as their related pics above.)

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