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Organization Chart – map of people´s influence

Introduction picture depicts structure of departments in office which supervises compliance with hygiene standards in pubs and hotels in Prague.

This picture below shows reporting lines in one global company. These data can be used to target marketing, phishing, headhunting. Due to confidentiality no other details are disclosed.

More edges has each node, the more resources particular manager controls.

Also, place on the map matters. Specific nodes has only few edges but they are linked trough whole map. These are top managers.  In this case, one node can be member of more communities. Value of “average path length” would disclose overall strategy of leadership and number of vertical reporting lines.

Regardless the fact that location of each community is random in this map, its relative position to other communities also shows cooperation between departments.

Such data can be dragged from training databases, mail exchange or event the network traffic.ass-lm1

Another example is the Training map. It is also based on orcganization chart.

This picture demonstrates complexity of training assignment in global company.

Dataset was composed from relation between manager responsible for training assignment and employee who got the training assigned.

Two big communities are detected. Tan community represents “soft skills and compliance trainings and Blue community represent the technical trainings and stuff.

Blue ring in the middle stands for “middle management” who is required to be trained both from technical and soft skill point of view.


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