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Records Management System – RMS 2: The Data

This is structure of anonymized data from RMS.

  • Importance of this visualization lies in its benefits for Information Governance and Management. Using Neo4j´s Cypher language, it is possible to quickly search records using various parameters and semantics.
  • During the implementation of RMS in the company, it is useful to see quickly, what has been already imported.
  • For operations, wight of the edges can be used for scaling and load balancing.

Basic Grouping based on Record Owners:


Detailed view:


More detailed view shows the depth of the visualization:


The “Galaxies” visible in the picture are Record Domains. Its basically sorted according the purpose of the record. Compliance records are most frequent by the time of taking sample of the data:3-data

Circular view shows how domains are linked to each other:


Detail of Isometric view shows the same but using different algorithm.


High level of Isometric view:


Yifan Hu´s view:


And finally, Fruchterman-Reingold´s view:

  • This is the most effective view fur this use case
  • Shows complex structure of data within RMS
  • Shows also semantic relation of the records itself


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