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The Art Of CyberSecurity

Hybrid cloud API calls.

Some time ago, I was one of the 6 artists asked by the company Trend Micro to develop an art for their campaign “Art of the cyber security“.

I was honored by this chance and so I have developed several art works. This one is dedicated to their DevOps.

Trend Micro’ s cloud based solution is complex living ecosystem. Infrastructure as a code, as we say.
In this connected world the systems exchange the information necessary for the smooth and safe operations.
Administrators maintain the probes with scalable levels of automation.
Clients learning from our cloud about the meaning of the security events.

In just 7 days 7885 systems are talking to each other using 4 different type of requests, 12 status codes,using 108 different network interfaces.

Optional note:
(Systems defined by the IP, requests defined by the api type, 12 status codes from http protocol, network interfaces represented by user-agents.)

We can see a thunderstorms in the data, as certain events were happening during the time of mass deployment, maintenance or even attack we helped to stop.
Point of view valid both for Security Operations, Managed detection and the Infrastructure DevOps.

By removing the time we see all of it happening in time wave zero. It lets us to see more clear picture of what is happening in the system at all.
This point of view helps to see hidden threats, understand better the quality of the information and how to improve it.

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