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Art behind The Pictures

Visualizations published on this website have a big number of fans among Artist, Marketers, Scientists, various professionals as well as from every person who is able to let the graphics influence her/his inner impressions.

Why does it work?

Every picture holds tremendous number of information. While our mind is busy with regular tasks, our subconsciousness is able to take it all and processes the information on its own.
Laws of statistics, mathematics and physics determines, how the picture is formed. I decide then, how to proceed to get exact form of visual.

Like example below, the Blazing guy made by straight lines and not curved as the one above.

Certain pictures are presented on form of series, where the shape changes but information it hold remains intact, due to the structure of connections which were visualized.

Some of the pictures can actually stimulate the brain activity in very specific way. It is fully natural process, nothing mystical however it may feel that way.
Impact on person’ s mind is highly individual.

  • Some compare these pictures to fractals (It is not true fractals.)
  • Some say it reminds them of Mandalas and Jantras from the East.
  • Some say whole picture is a mess, boring and tiring in the same time.
  • Some say on the other hand, that watching tiny details of the pictures stimulate the mind to start imagine or precept things in different way.

    There are people who can see hidden cities, whole big stories and Sagas hidden on the picture.
    Others see flowers or space objects like galaxies.
    .. And some can only tell it is some spilled color with no deep sense at all.

    I dare you to free your imagination and see what happens next!

To be honest, as a creator of this project and all the pictures I do not consider myself as an Artist.

I am very flattered that my pictures speaks to You. It proves
Carl Sagan’s statement, that there is one universal language and it is called the Science:)

Feel free to contact me regarding the matter of purchase or gifting you with one. Nature of the deal depends fully on nature of the Data it was made from.

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