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Marketing and Sales enhancement by The Pictures

Ability to visualize complex process, information or product offer at one picture or series of related pictures gives you strong opportunity to move communication with your clients, customers, employees, management and audience in general to the new level.

It is not the pictures only but whole underlying analytical process which can be usually automated.

As an introductory picture I have used publicly available Twitter network of my favorite body language coach, Vanessa Van Edwards.

Some of the examples:

  • SEO and keyword analysis
  • Semantic website analysis
  • Process analysis and Quality management
  • Training management optimization
  • Twitter network analysis
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Recommendation systems
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Management of complete infrastructures

    In fact, there is a lot of use cases for commercial sphere. My plan is to join efforts with a partner from commercial as my primary area of interest is the Science itself.

Are you interested or just curious? Feel free to contact me!

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