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Threat Intelligence – A service footprint on Twitter

Cyber Threat Intelligence is important helper for the Blue team. It enables security analysts to get quickly deep view about particular issue or malware without having to spend hours to research thousands of sources.

On the other hand it is heavily dependent on quality of processing of the inputs.
There is also dispute between Artificial Intelligence versus Human powered analysis. It seems that event the most advanced artificial intelligence is not yet fully capable of semantic analysis.

Humans on the other hand might be not able to process such huge amount of information in such short time.

The solution is for now to combine both ways to one powerful approach.

Below is twitter map gallery of company called Anomali. All the classes in the map suggest how broad scope it takes to provide a solid threat intelligence.

fa6 fr1 fr2 yfh8

Another example of threat intelligence company is the iSIGHT.
crc-fr-labels yfh3-labels

Last but not least – Recorded Future:

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